Call us and quote Price Crunch or send us an email entitled Price Crunch with your particular PAT Testing requirements, the price you have been quoted and by who and we will see if we can beat it.Money Promotion

If we cannot beat the rate you have, at least you know you have a good price. If we can beat it we will give each customer £20 worth of High Street vouchers for each PAT Testing job gained, then everyone is happy.

Although price is a very important factor, we have grown our business on a combination of competitive pricing and excellent service from our office staff and our Engineers who have a “can-do” approach. So you may not only be getting a better price, but a better service too.

Emails entitled “The Price Crunch Challenge” to be sent to the following email address - or please call the office and quote “The Price Crunch Challenge” on:
0121 788-4502.