Equipment Hire


Seaward Europa Plus: SPECIAL WEEKLY HIRE RATE £ 65.00 + VAT

ROF PAT Testing - Electrician Simple fast menus help select the correct test sequence and automatically set the pass and fail levels for a wide range of portable appliances. A QWERTY keypad helps the input of appliance: sites, location, appliance numbers, user, descriptions, manufacturer, serial number etc. PAT test results can be stored.

Ideal for appliance testing in office environments. The Europa Plus can test all types of sensitive office electrical appliances including printer/PC type IEC leads.

Our download service is available with this tester (see below for details).unnecessarily which ROF is proud to offer.


PAT testing software can be a high expense and troublesome to set up when hiring a PAT tester, we now offer to do it for you.

Do you require your test results downloading, saving you the time and hassle of setting everything up on your computer. We can now provide this service to everyone who hires a downloadable PAT Tester. Your PAT Test results will be e-mailed within 2 days of receiving the tester back to our premises. To request this service just call us before you send the tester back. The price for this service is only £19 + VAT

Terms and Conditions -Hiring

1. All hire equipment is supplied in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions and with the following additions to those terms & conditions. Some of theses are for your guidance & information but they also show the hirers responsibilities.

2. ROF Pat Testing Limited, the owners will hire the equipment described for the rates and period described. In the event of no period of time being specified, the hiring may be terminated by either party by giving 7 days notice.

3. Initial delivery to UK mainland destinations is £15 + VAT for a standard anytime next day delivery. Goods required before a set time will be charged at £38 + VAT , hirers should inform ROF Pat Testing Limited Limited if an earlier delivery is required.

4. The hire period commences on the date on the invoice and continues until the equipment is received at our office in Birmingham. The hired goods will be inspected as soon as is reasonably practicable after the hire, any missing items will be charged at manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

5. The hire period is a minimum of one whole week (Seven consecutive days, week inclusive). The hirer may retain equipment for longer than one week without notice to ROF Pat Testing Limited. This extended hire period will be invoiced for complete weeks. Any period less than one week will be treated as full week for invoicing purposes. The weekly hire charge for hire equipment will be at the rates published on the companies’ web

6. The hirer will not without previous consent of ROF Pat Testing Limited offer for sale, sell, dispose,mortgage, lend, pledge or otherwise part with the possession of the hire equipment.

7. The hirer will be responsible for all equipment hired from ROF Pat Testing Limited and it will be the hirer’s responsibility to:
i. Notify ROF Pat Testing Limited must be notified immediately if the hired equipment is found to be damaged on receipt, is missing any of the items on the "Accessories check list" or becomes faulty during use. ROF Pat Testing Limited will try to offer a replacement with the minimum possible delay.

ii. Keep the equipment safe from damage, use it in a proper manner and not subject it to any misuse or unfair wear and tear.

iii. Observe all of the manufacturers instructions, user guides, operating instructions, warnings, safety notices and other regulations that may be issued for the proper use of thereof and shall be entirely responsible for any damage caused to the said equipment through failure to observe such instructions, user guides, operating instructions, warnings, safety notices or regulations.

iv. Notify ROF Pat Testing Limited in the event of any loss, damage or theft to the hire equipment however caused. The hirer will be responsible for paying ROF Pat Testing Limited the reasonable costs for repairs including labour for any damaged equipment. The weekly hire rate will continue until ROF Pat Testing Limited has been paid in full the amount of the sum said.

v. Preserve all of manufacturers identification labels including serial numbers and any other labels and markings including Calibration labels fixed to the equipment.

vi. The hirer is responsible for returning hired equipment within 2 working days of terminating the hire at the hirers cost. If we have to arrange collection, the charges will be at the hirers cost. In all cases the hire equipment must be well packed for transit by road. If we are to arrange collection by our carrier, then the equipment must be made available to our carrier, if equipment is not ready to collect for whatever reason ROF Pat Testing Limited reserve the right to charge for any attempted collections.

8. The hirer will not hold ROF Pat Testing Limited or the owner responsible for any loss, damage or injury (including death) to property or persons with regard to use of any equipment hired.

9. If the hirer defaults on any of the hire payments, ROF Pat Testing Limited are entitled to recover the said equipment without prior notice being given to the hirer.

10. ROF Pat Testing Limited assumes the person hiring the unit to be a sensible, competent person with enough training and knowledge as stipulated by the health and safety executive, therefore no assistance or help with regards to actual PAT testing of appliances will be given.