About Us

ROF From our headquarters in  Birmingham operate a Pat testing service with our dedicated team of engineers throughout the whole of the UK, we can reach you where ever you maybe - if it be in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, London and many other areas. ROF PAT Testing - Electrician

Reasons to choose ROF PAT Testing

We provide a comprehensive and cost effective PAT testing solution that complies with Electricity at Work Regulations giving our customers peace of mind that their appliances are in safe hands.
Unlike many other firms who will provide a "competent person" which is the minimum requirement, we will guarantee work of the highest standard performed by experienced professionals.

We also believe at ROF that electrical safety testing should be made available to everyone, In our experience a small firm that does not presently comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 (HSAWA74) is part of the majority of small firms in the UK, in general they know this, and they would like to comply but they are concerned that once they attempt safety improvements there are a number of major factors in this area and they would leave themselves open to all kinds of issues and criticisms from their staff, reduced profits, the worry of being charged for hidden extras such as call out charges and bills for additional labour. We're confident that our straightforward pricing structure will set your mind at ease and generally make your jobs easier.

Furthermore companies and clients, don't like "advisors" or "consultants" telling them what they already know and billing them for the privilege. They are irritated by those who sell by fear claiming you can go to jail or pay massive fines etc. What they want is some help to comply without messing about with their business unnecessarily which ROF is proud to offer.

Our Location and People

From our head office in Birmingham we provide quality PAT Testing throughout the UK.

We know that each and every one of our staff is a crucial ingredient in the success of our companies operation and our continual strive for great customer service. Each member of our  team has a crucial role to play in servicing our customers’ requirements – from responding to enquiries through to Pat testing our customer's premises.

There are many faces behind the scenes at ROF you may or may not know. They are often your first point of contact when talking on the telephone. They help to serve you and your company on a regular basis.